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Floor was removed, all rotten plywood and balsa wood that once braced the running surface has been ground out.
darrell beaulier
Darrell, a friend, Hans and Cornelia look over the new transom and stringers that Darrell cut.
New seat from Allison-Craft in Louisville, Tenn.
The finished product, flushing the motor after a run in saltwater.
hans racing
Hans accelerating toward top speed at Love's Marina on the San Jacinto River
chip rathbun
AOMC Treasurer and OMC fan Chip Rathbun at the Kingsland AOMC wet meet.

Completed Restorations


This 1974 14' Allison, owned for a few months by Joe in 1981-2, was restored by Hans and Darrell Beaulier. Joe got the boat as part of a trade in 1981. He straightedged the bottom, raced and won with it twice then sold it. After three owners Hans bought the boat in Dec. 2010. These boats are glass but were braced with plywood and balsa wood. The boat was not stored under a roof, holes in the transom and floor had not been sealed properly or were not sealed at all, and all the wood was rotten. The transom and stringers were replaced with plywood, the bottom bracing with clegicell. The motor is a 1979 Johnson 75 hp Stinger but with the faster 1975 powerhead. The powerhead consists of block and other parts in Joe's collection since 1986.


In 1982 the May Fly III ran 65 mph and accelerated very quickly when set up for closed course competition. Joe raced and won with it 2x, then sold it. With Hans driving the boat runs 67-68 mph with very little trim, as shown in the photo. The 1975 powerhead is stock except for a milled head and Johnson 65 flywheel.


runs as it should be