What We Do

Propeller and high performance setup work

winnerWe offer high performance set-up and prop advice and work for pleasure boats, both V-bottoms and tunnels. We rework racing props, mainly for OPC classes F1/F1-Sport, SST-60, SST-45, Tri-Hulls, and the GT-Pro class. Here is Hans 2014 at the SST45 Nationals.

Outboard work

Classic outboards, in contrast with antique outboards, are generally post WWII models, made roughly from 1950-2000 (there are some older classics too). Our classic outboards are completely rebuilt to within original factory specifications with the minimum following work/replacements:

Cylinders are honed (finished bore is not greater than .0025" over standard bore). New rod bearings, piston rings, and gaskets, new Champion spark plugs, new fuel lines and pee hose are installed. Seals and o-rings are new in both
powerhead and gearcase, new waterpump kit & gear grease.

All ignition parts except powerpack are tested electrically. Motor is guaranteed to start easily, shift gears, and run well. Motor is either broken in or comes with original break in instructions. Oils we like are Evinrude or Mercury TC-W3, Evinrude XD-100 synthetic, and Red Line synthetic racing oil.




Below are more pictures of our props and drivers

white prop Glyn Mathews Tracy Hawkins Mike Schubert
Mike Schubert's prop Matthews, Highlands2014
Megan Becan, Port Neches Mike, Port Neches 2012
Mike Schubert Mike Schubert Mike Schubert Jude Gaspard
Mike at Orange Mike's motor 3 ltr. Johnson looper JudeGaspard with our prop
Stefanie Hansen Stefanie Hansen thumb6 Meatball Murray
Bob Dillon's Chopper Stefanie, 2nd at Kankakee Megan at Port Neches "Meatball" Murray, Phoenix
Megan Becan Hans in Port Neches MCauley and Son Bob Dillon
Megan's prop Hans at Port Neches Hans and Joe, Orange'12 Bob Dillon, Kankakee'12
Roddy Foreman Roddy Foreman Bud Nollmann trihulls
Roddy Foreman, Kankakee Roddy's prop Bud Nollman, PortNeches Kevin Teague
SST 45 Steve Coleman Hans Küffner-McCauley sponsered by SeaWay Marine
SST45, Highlands 2015 S. Coleman between heats Hans at Orange in 2005 The Johnson looper, 3ltrs
SST-45 Trihull Tri-hulls Jude Gaspard
Mike Webster,Kankakee'12 Scary Jerry, Jansen Skeen Turning flat like a tunnel Jude Gaspard, P.Neches'13
sst45 Hans Küffner-McCauley Tough, strong and with a good team: Bud Nollman SST-45
Hughs,1st@Highlands'13 Hans, Orange 2012 Bud Nollman,SST45 Thompson,3rd@P.Neches'14