Completed Restorations

1955 Evinrude 7.5 Fleettwin

Evinrude 7.5This motor was passed on to us at the Kingsland AOMC wet meet in Oct. 2011 by Scott-Atwater Al.

It needed coils, plug wires and plugs, points and condensers, and also a new crankcase check valve for pressurizing the tank.

The weedless 3, 7.5 and 14 hp were the first fully modern motors made by Evinrude in 1950 along with the earlier reed-valved 1 cyl. 1.5 hp Sportsman.

Johnson and Evinrude did not produce exactly the same model motor until the 1951 25 hp Big Twin, and did not produce identical lineups (excepting paint and decals) until 1956. E.g., from 1950-1955 Johnson offered 2.5 then 3 hp, 5 hp and 10 hp models while Evinrude offered 1.5 then 3 hp, 7.5 and 14 then 15 hp motors. The popular JohnRude 18 hp motor was introduced in 1957.