Recent Restorations

Scott 25

This 1959 Scott 25 was bought cheaply on Ebay in 2010. We rebuilt the powerhead and waterpump and plan to run it.

The intake system is pretty good, Scott started using v-block reeds in 1957. However, the exhaust system has no tuner and is not streamlined.

This motor has high compression stock, it's hard to pull the starter rope. The block and head were warped (both cylinders were scorred from water pulled in from the
waterjacket) and had to be milled slightly.

Scott 25

Parts are pretty readily available, some new and some used, from a Scott collector in Minnesota whose grandfather worked for Scott-Atwater. From 1957-collapse in the late 1960s Scott was owned and produced by McCulloch.

McCulloch was very active in NOA OPC racing 1957-1959, and later produced two out and out racing motors.

These motors will rev higher than an OMC of that era, to about 5500 RPM, but will not wind up like a Mercury.