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Belgian-assembled 1978 Evinrude 25 converted to 35 hp via carburetor change. Any OMC 25 1978-2001 is convertible to 35 hp merely by installing the carburetor from a 35. Ca. 1986 the 35, rated until then at the crankshaft, was labeled as 30 hp when measured at the propshaft. That is, the 30 and 35 are the same motor.

Evinrude 25This motor was completely overhauled: Starts very easily. Idles and runs well. Cylinders honed, new rings, rod bearings, crank seals and gaskets. New fuel lines and carburetor cleaned. Relatively new ignition components. New waterpump kit, prop and driveshaft seals, clutch dog and gears were inspected, new OMC HI-Vis gear oil. New L77J4 spark plugs.